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"New Wave Paithani” exhibition is back for traditional paithani saree lovers!

Do come & experience this one-of-its-kind exhibition at Ravindra Natya Mandir, Prabhadevi from 31st Oct 2012 to 4th Nov 2012

You can await for a shopping indulgence this Diwali!! The much-awaited 23-year old “New Wave Paithani” exhibition is back this year on a larger scale at Ravindra Natya Mandir, Prabhadevi from 31st Oct 2012 to 4th Nov 2012. Spread in the area of 7000 sq.ft, the exhibition every year attracts 10,000 visitors including celebrities and eminent personalities from all walks of life. Ranging from Rs. 6000 to Rs. 2.5 lacs, these traditional pure silk sarees embroidered with threads of pure Gold and Silver are going to lure the Mumbaikars this Diwali Season. Paithani Sarees are well-preserved Sarees in Maharashtrian Families, which are used for six to even seven generations! Such is the life and aura of these “Paithani” Sarees, which is considered as the Mahaawastra of the family in Maharashtian Culture. They were used by the Lady of the family in religious & social functions and were handed over to the new Lady of the next generation to continue the family tradition. New wave paithani brings  Indian culture’s exotic experience  under one roof, where in a person gets to see a large variety of Paithani’s exhibiting indianness  from all over india and for people of all walks of life.

The art of weaving the Paithani was almost dying down, but for the efforts of some weaver families in Paithan, Yeola and around Sambhaji Nagar in rural was initially revived over 100 years ago. These weaver families preserved and promoted the art, but again failed to strive,due to high production costs and lack of formal marketing against ready-made cheaper high quality Sarees of other styles. Late Sou. Saroj Dhananjay,the Founder of “New Wave Paithani” Exhibition, started holding an Exhibition “New Wave Paithani” on annual basis to create a clean direct market for “Paithanis”. She thus held her first Exhibition in 1989/1990. The Weavers also needed proper marketing set-up for expensive Paithanis. Even today, the people who appreciate the Originality, believe “New Wave Paithani” as the first ever Exhibition with the tradition of more than 22 years, which was founded by late Sou. Saroj Dhananjay to revive the dying art of making Paithani Sarees.

Traditional creative artistry and the painstaking workmanship combine to form this unique cloth and make it an experience for the visual and tactile senses. It usually takes a master weaver an entire day to weave just an inch of this material and sometimes a single Saree is completed after a year-and-half ! The Paithani Sarees are expensive and they come for anything between Rs.6,000 to Rs.2.5 lakh. The price of it depends not only on the material, but on the intricacy of the design and the workmanship. These traditional Sarees are woven in pure Silk mostly embroidered with threads of pure Gold and Silver. The history of weaving these special glamorous Sarees go back in 2nd Century AD. This art flourished around

Paithan, Yeola and later regionally spread over to Sambhaji Nagar in Maharashtra,Chhattisgarh,Madhyapradesh,Rajsthan,Jaipur,Calcutta,Banaras,Uttarpradessh and more .

Late Sou.Saroj Dhananjay’s name is permanently synonymously involved with “Paithani” Sarees in Maharashtra,due to her dedicated  participation in preservation and promotion of the art of Paithani Sarees. After her sad demise, Mrs. Sannidha Bhide have been spearheading the working of ‘New Wave Exhibition’ since 2003 till date. Mrs. Sannidha Sanjay Bhide is an Architect by profession. She has also been the President of Inner Wheel Club of Mumbai Down-town twice.

In addition to this, as every year, it will showcase 250 Yeola  Paithani Sarees,  Paithani Dress Materials, Handbag Banares Silk Sarees, Madhya Pradesh Handloom Sarees, Irkal Sarees,South  Silk & Cotton Sarees, Real Paithani Dresses & Kurties, South Dress materials,Designer Dresses & Dress Materials, Kundan Jaddav,Semi Precious Stone & Pearl Jewellery, Handbags etc.

Continuing its tradition to contribute back to society, this exhibition will have stall from ‘Adhar’ which is offered to them for free. Do come & experience this 'only of it's kind' exhibition at Ravindra Natya Mandir,Prabhadevi from 31st Oct 2012 to 4th Nov 2012.